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    As a Baby Boomer myself, I have found the joy of reliving those treasured childhood years by
    collecting those remembrances from my past like my childhood doll a wonderful Tiny Tears doll
    by American Character, shown in the photo above, that gave me so many happy memories in
    my childhood. She was my constant companion all through the years growing up even after she
    started falling apart. Now today 50 years later I still enjoy her as much as I did when I was 3
    years old.  Yes they do call it a Second Childhood for a reason! Our goal is to offer you the
    opportunity to once again experience the joy of those pleasant childhood memories with high
    quality vintage and antique dolls and accessories along with some modern collectibles and gifts
    at reasonable prices. We will guarantee that all dolls sold by us will always have the proper
    brand body for all of our dolls. We have a NON-SMOKING home so you can feel safe that your
    item will not have undesirable odors. Unfortunately sometimes although rare in shipping, items
    can be subjected to outside odors while in shipping which we can't be held responsible for but
    we do take extreme measures to try and prevent such an occurrence. All items will be
    thoroughly clean and ready for display. The only touch up that may be required is a light touch
    up with an iron. Our feedback from selling on Ebay is 100% customer satisfaction and please
    feel free to read the comments from our customers from our site here through the link we have
    provided!  We take extensive measures to make sure that each item is packed securely for
    shipping. We do not claim to be an experts in the field although we are very experienced and
    knowledgeable. For all those American Character Tiny Tears lovers out there, if you would like
    to have an authentic or a reproduction Tiny Tears dress or romper, please let us know and we
    can if we have it in stock send either the famous traditional pink and white Tiny Tears dress or
    the traditional authentic Tiny Tears Romper at today’s market price. We are limited by what we
    have in stock at any one time but will do our best to make sure you are happy. Just let us know
    what you would prefer at the time of purchase.
Please "window shop" and enjoy yourself!
This site is dedicated to my own
American Character Tiny Tears
my much-loved childhood doll shown in the photo above.
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