1. When redressing your doll always take your time and be very careful when putting the hands and
    fingers into the dress especially if the doll is rubber.  Do it slowly and try to  support the fingers as you
    pull on the clothes.  

       2.  To keep her rubber in good condition we use a very light coat RUBBER AID.   Just a light coat is

    3.  Always keep your baby out of the direct sunlight.  The direct sun is very damaging to all dolls
    whether they are rubber or vinyl.  

    4.  If your dolls eyes seem to stick, just put one very small drop of sewing machine oil on each eyelid
    and open and close the eyes several times to work the oil in and her eyes will work smoothly again.  

    5.  Be very careful with the doll clothes you put on your doll.  Make sure the fabric has been pre-
    washed.  Colors like red and blue tend to bleed onto the doll and are almost impossible to get out once
    they bleed through.  By rinsing an outfit with vinegar in the final rinse you decrease the chance of bleed

    6.  Please note that on any of the "DRINK AND WET" dolls you do not want to turn the head too much.  
    There is a tube inside their head leading from the doll's head and the tube is fed through the neck of the
    body into the stomach area.  If the head is turned too much the tube can break so always be careful
    with these dolls and do not turn the head too much.

    7.  You can wash most dolls hair if you wish but ALWAYS use COLD water ONLY when washing the
    hair.  A good shampoo is a doll shampoo made specifically for this reason but you can also use baby
    shampoo.  There is a baby shampoo on the market that has a softener in the formula and that's what we
    use when washing our dolls hair.   Never use a curling iron on a dolls hair as it will melt the fibers of the
    hair, use only curlers or even perm rods.  If your dolls hair is especially dry use Downy Fabric Softener
    on her hair.  Mix a little water with the Downy and gently massage through the hair and cover with a
    plastic bag and let the doll sit for a couple of days with the plastic bag on her head.  After that, remove
    the plastic bag and rinse the dolls hair and set and style.  If the hair is still dry then after the rinse mix a
    tiny bit of the Downy with water and massage into the hair and leave in and set and style the dolls hair.

    8.  When washing any of the "one stroke" eyebrow dolls stay away from the eyebrows as they
    can easily come off with any cleaner you use including doll cleaners made specifically for dolls.  
    Also stay away from the lower painted eyelashes as they too will come off easily with any

    9.  Another fantastic product to use on dolls bodies and this product can be used on the dolls
    face is "Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean"  This can be used to get many marks off your dolls face
    but as always stay away from the eyebrows with dolls that have  the "one stroke brush"
    eyebrows.  This product is great for getting most marks off your doll's body, except for ink and
    harder to remove stains and the treatment for those are below.  This product can remove years
    of dirt and grime off a doll and bring back the new look to her.  After scrubbing with the "Magic
    Eraser" be sure to rinse off the area.

    10.  If you have any hard to remove marks on your doll you can use "Oxy 10" or "Remove Zit"
    to remove the marks.  Do not use these products on your dolls face though as it can damage
    the finish.  These products will work on rubber, vinyl or hard plastic dolls.  You can get the "Oxy
    10" at most drug stores or grocery store, the "Remove Zit" can be purchased at Twin Pines
    Internet store.  The link for this is on our "LINKS" page.  Either of these will help with ink stains.  
    The ink stains will usually disappear or fade from this treatment.  Another product that you can
    try is Vasoline.  You put the Vasoline on the stains and leave the doll out in the sun (but always
    cover the dolls head with a cover) and make sure the heat outside isn't too hot.  After you leave
    the doll with the Vasoline for a day or two then wash it off.  If it isn't gone then try the process

    11.  To remove the head of a rubber or vinyl doll, push a screwdriver under the head. Pull the
    rubber down, slide head off. Remove the limbs the same way.

    12.  Before wet cleaning doll clothes , be sure to separate the doll's clothes by color, lights and
    dark as if separating regular laundry loads. If the doll's clothing have metal snaps or hooks,
    which is typical of features on later doll models, be sure to remove them before washing to
    prevent rust or staining. There is no easy method of cleaning, only patience and proper
    materials or tools. Don't use supermarket detergents, even if the are marked for delicate fabrics,
    because they are too harsh for old textiles and may leave a harmful residue.

    13. A saran wig is a type of plastic. It can be washed, combed and set. A mohair wig cannot be
    handled much. If the wig is not too matted it can be brushed and set. It is best used on old dolls.  
    A human hair wig should be treated the same a your own hair.  A dynel wig has a very fine
    texture. It can be washed and set.  A caracul wig is short fur. It can be washed.

    14.  To remove a scratch from an acrylic eye is sometimes a tricky job. For all their toughness,
    plastics require a surprisingly gentle hand when it comes to maintenance. To remove superficial
    dirt from an eye, rinse the surface first with running water to rid the surface of any loose
    particles, which can scratch. Then wash with soap or mild, non-abrasive detergent and water,
    using your bare hands or a soft cloth. Do not wipe with a completely dry cloth, since doing so
    can generate a electrostatic charge that attracts most dust and dirt. Using a sanding block and a
    fine grade wet-or-dry sandpaper (approximately 280 grit for shallow scratched), sand very lightly
    in a star pattern. Keep the eye and the sandpaper wet, and work over the whole area to avoid
    creating a noticeable depression. As the scratch disappears, use progressively finer grades of
    wet-to-dry paper in the same star pattern until the surface is uniformly smooth. Wash off the
    dust with soap and water and dry the plastic eye with a damp chamois.

    15.  A doll that has eyes that open or close should never be stored, or even just laid down
    on its back. The eye mechanism is large and heavy, and if the doll is laid on its back, pressure is
    put on the parts that connect the eye mechanism to the head, making it want to fall farther back
    into the head cavity. If you have seen dolls with one eye slightly "off", this is the reason.
    Replacing or restoring the eye mechanisms in doll is not an easy task and if done by a
    professional, is expensive. Dolls with such eyes should be stored standing up or laid on their

    16.  We just wanted to share with you another exciting find.  As you may know we have listed
    a very rare vinyl body rock a bye eyes molded head Tiny Tears and a lucky find it was.  We
    have never seen another one again anywhere in that size.  We have seen two much smaller
    molded head Tiny Tears with the famous rock a bye eyes but those had vinyl bodies also
    and we understood that they were only made for one year at Christmas but have just
    discovered that information wasn't complete because there apparently was an earlier molded
    head Tiny Tears that was made that had a RUBBER body and we feel very fortunate to
    have obtained one and wanted to share with you this find.  You see there were many saran
    dolls made with rock a bye eyes when American Character came out with them but it has
    been very, very,rare to see a molded head Tiny Tears with the eyes.  Up until recently we
    were told they were only made that one year but the information has been proven to be
    wrong because we have just discovered a molded head rock a bye eyes Tiny that has a
    RUBBER body.  New things are discovered all the time by the experts because not
    every writer may have complete information on dolls or accessories.  We just wanted to
    share with you this exciting find.  Below is a photo of this rare find which we may offer
    for sale in the future.  

17.  Rub corn starch on a rubber body doll to keep it soft and more long lasting.

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